Millboard decking installation

Millboard has been designed for fast, easy and versatile installation. No special tools are required.

Download the Millboard Installation and User Guide here.

Joist spacing

Joist spacing of 400mm is recommended for normal residential and light commercial use. On heavy commercial bridges, balconies, moorings, doorways and steps use 300mm spacing.

All Millboards are reinforced for additional strength.

If you need to cut the Millboard down along its length, reduce the joist centers accordingly. A minimum of 3 joists are required for any cut boards.

For laying 45° to the joist we recommend max 300mm centers and 240mm on commercial applications.

Millboard composite decking, Australia - Profile specification comparison chart

Cutting Millboard

Millboard may be cut with a carbon tipped drop saw. As the formed end of the board is lost when cut, these can be placed in less visual areas against a wall or edging profile. Matching colour coating is available for exposed cut ends.

Dust protection equipment should always be employed when cutting Millboard.

Fastening Millboard® to substructure

Warranties apply only if the recommended screws and fixing methods are used as per guidelines.

Boards are normally screwed through the Lastane® outer layer, which self-heals over the screw head. No pre-drilling or countersinking is required. All screws should be stainless steel on any decking within 5 kilometers of the coastline or bodies of salt water.

A 4mm spacing between boards and 2mm at the ends is recommended.

We recommend 2 fixings at joists or 3 fixings at the end of the wider boards (196mm). Ends of boards should be supported by minimum of 18mm.

Screws used to fix the end of Millboards to the joists should be driven at a slight angle to avoid being too near the edge. Fasteners should be a minimum of 20mm from the edge or end of the board.

Ensure the fastener head is driven to 5mm below the board surface.

Millboard decking - Durafix fastners

Our Durafix fasteners provide the following benefits:

  • Rust-free stainless steel
  • Wax lubricated for easier fixing
  • Lost lead fixing
  • Torx drive for added grip and power
  • No pre-drilling or countersinking required

Fascia Boards & Step Edges

We recommend that our purpose made edging is fitted to steps, and bullnosed or fascia boards at edges of decking to optimise the aesthetic finish and performance of your deck.

Fascia boards and edging come in rigid as standard, however flexible boards and edges are also available and can be curved to follow a minimum convex diameter of 3 metres.

Edge boards are available as a bullnose or ribbed design.

Note: Boards may have up to +/-2% dimensional variance.

Are you installing low to ground? If so please see our Lowdeck System - Click here to see details.



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