Millboard Composite Decking Surrounding Pool

Outdoor entertainment in Bellevue Hill, Sydney

Built to enjoy ( and impress... )!

Check out this beautiful Millboard composite decking installation, recently completed in Bellevue Hill. The property is nestled amongst amazing rocky outcrops, providing the owners with some incredible views from their new deck.

The pool surround uses a frame-less glass balustrade to make the very most of the views. The low-slip characteristics of Millboard composite decking make it a great, safe choice for the deck, too.

Timber often isn't a good choice around a barbecue, as the fats and oils quickly stain and discolour the surfaces. However, because of Millboard's waterproof outer layer, the barbecue won't absorb food stains, and is a cinch to keep clean - just like a normal kitchen bench top.

Millboard composite decking has the potential to add value to your property, as well as beauty. Owners and installers agree, too - Millboard really is the world's best decking material.


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